IBM Cloud Pak for Integration Installation (WM600G)


This course provides technical professionals with the needed skills to install a Platform Navigator instance and deploy the Integration capabilities and runtimes.

The course begins with an introduction to IBM Cloud Pak for Integration. You explore the Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform environment. You learn how to install the Operators and a Platform Navigator instance. You access the Platform Navigator dashboard and examining the features. You deploy Integration capabilities and runtimes. For each of the Integration capabilities and runtimes, you verify the associated pods, storage, and feature.


This course is intended for administrators of IBM Cloud Pak for Integration


  • Familiarity with the IBM Cloud Pak for Integration concepts
  • Basic knowledge of Linux operating system
  • Understanding of Containers and Kubernetes


  • Understand the business value and the architecture of IBM Cloud Paks
  • Describe the products in the Cloud Pak for Integration
  • Explain Kubernetes and Red Hat OpenShift
  • Examine and review the prerequisites for Cloud Pak for Integration installation
  • Understand the benefits of various Cloud Pak Integration installation options
  • Explain the business value of the Airgap installation technique for Cloud Pak for Integration
  • Explore the Red Hat OpenShift environment
  • Install the Operators and a Platform Navigator instance
  • Examine the features of Platform navigator dashboard
  • Install the following Integration capabilities: API management (IBM API Connect), Application Integration Dashboard and Designer, IBM Automation Foundation Assets, and IBM Cloud Pak for Integration Operations Dashboard
  • Install the following Integration runtimes: Gateway (DataPower), Aspera High speed transfer server, and IBM MQ Messaging
  • Verify the Integration capabilities and runtimes installation
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Course Outline

  • Introduction to IBM Cloud Pak for Integration
  • IBM Cloud Pak key infrastructure terminologies
  • Installing Cloud Pak for Integration
  • Installing Platform Navigator
  • Exercise 1. Installing Platform Navigator
  • Deploying Integration capabilities
  • Exercise 2. Deploying Integration capabilities
  • Deploying Integration runtimes
  • Exercise 3. Deploying Integration runtimes