IBM Aspera Console Administration (ZT012G-SPVC)


This course is also available as classroom course IBM Aspera Console Administration (WT012G).


This course is intended to teach the necessary knowledge and skills to install, configure, and use IBM Aspera Console.



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This course is intended for administrators of IBM Aspera Console.




  • Describe the operation of the FASP protocol
  • Identify the key features of IBM Aspera Console
  • Explain the function of the processes of Aspera Console
  • Install and configure Aspera Console
  • Add managed and unmanaged nodes to Aspera Console
  • Define and use both simple and smart transfers
  • Create and run standard and custom reports
  • Create and run standard and custom reports
  • Perform basic maintenance tasks
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Course Outline

Overview of IBM Aspera ConsoleIBM Aspera Console ArchitectureInstalling and configuring IBM Aspera ConsoleExercise: Installing and configuring IBM Aspera ConsoleAdding and configuring Console nodesExercise: Adding and configuring Console nodesManaging Console users and groupsExercise: Managing Console users and groupsCreating and managing Console transfersExercise: Creating and managing Console transfersConfiguring and generating Console reportsExercise: Configuring and running Console reportsBasic Console maintenance tasks