Sviluppare applicazioni per iPhone/iPad – avanzato (XH500G)

Il corso descrive come creare applicazioni per iPhone e  iPad.

A chi si rivolge:
Il corso si rivolge a sviluppatori e chiunque voglia imparare a scrivere apps per iPhone e iPad.

  • iOS Overview 
  • Tools for iOS Development
  • Learning Objective-C         
  • The Development Environment   
o    Platform SDKs
o    Overview of Development Workflows
o    The Application Life Cycle
o    Xcode
o    Interface Builder
o    The iOS Simulator
o    Performance Applications and Tools
  • Cocoa Frameworks
o    UIKit
  • Adding Behavior to a Cocoa Program
o    Using a Cocoa Framework
o    Inheriting From a Cocoa Class
o    Basic Subclass Design
o    Multithreaded Cocoa Programs
  • Multitasking
  • Communicating With Objects
o    Communication in Object-Oriented Programs
o    Outlets
o    Delegates and Data Sources
o    The Target-Action Mechanism
o    Bindings
o    Notification
o    Ownership of Delegates, Observers and Targets
  • The Event-Handling System
  • The Graphics and Drawing System
  • The Text System
  • Audio and Video Support