Data Modeling for Qlik Sense (QLIK-DMQS)

Data Modeling for Qlik Sense is a technical course for you to learn to develop a coherent data model in Qlik Sense by loading and transforming multiple data sources. With information, tools, techniques, and exercises, this course includes topics dealing with: data connections, cleansing and transforming source data, resolving data model issues, optimization for performance, using QlikView Data Files (QVD) files, application development on Qlik Sense server.
NOTE: The course objectives for this course closely align with the QlikView Developer course. You do not need to take this course if you have already taken the QlikView Developer course.
  • Data Architects
  • Partners
  • Consultants
Skills Learned
  • Create a data model in Qlik Sense
  • Use the data load editor and the data manager
  • Create and maintain data connections, including DataMarket®
  • Resolve data structure issues and script errors
  • Transform data for better performance
  • Discuss synthetic keys and circular references
  • Add dimensions and measures to the master library
  • Add simple visualizations with Qlik Sense
  • Creating Visualizations with Qlik Sense (advantageous)
  • Database and SQL query knowledge
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Course Outline

  • Basic data modeling concepts
  • Data connections
  • Structuring the script
  • Loading Data and Data transformations
  • Resolving data issues
  • Generating data with the script
  • Debugging a data load
  • Scripting and data model challenges
  • Advanced Calculations
  • On-Demand App Generation (ODAG) and Direct discovery
  • Performance Considerations
  • Working with server
  • Security